By chance, Super Bowl will be without cheerleaders

By chance, Super Bowl will be without cheerleaders
By Guest opinion, Oregon

For the first time in nearly 50 years the Super Bowl will be without cheerleaders. It turns out to be more about chance than an actual decision. There are only six football teams that have decided to do without cheerleaders. Two of those six teams just happened to be playing each other this weekend.

Some NFL teams have conducted research and found out that cheerleaders make little difference and have chosen to simply save money. My thoughts are that as stadiums grow to audiences of 100,000 it has become impossible for cheerleaders to have the impact of actually cheer leading.

Maybe technology needs to catch up with the times by offering new tools and new activities to cheerleaders so they can better engage the audience. Without something new, more teams may pull on this fan boosting tradition.  I hope they don’t.  Cheerleading can be fun to watch and participate in, and it is a sport with its own competition industry.

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