Keep the marriage going: Even with squirmy boys underfoot

by Sandy Coughlin
The Relucant Entertainer

A few days ago when I posted Julia Child’s quote, and asked readers the last time they had experienced a soul-satisfying meal around the table, I loved the replies that came in … 

One in particular was from my friend, Adelle, who has 2 squirmy boys. I could relate right away, because my 2 formerly squirmy boys (who sit quite respectfully at the table, now, I must say), and their sister, are now teenagers. 


Dinner time is way-different for us now than it was back then, for sure! Adelle said: 

We try, at least once a week, to eat in the dining room instead of the kitchen, to light candles and enjoy a glass of wine with our meal. We ignore the boys under the table for a few moments and just talk, and that in and of itself, is good. 

This made me smile. 

How many of us with little kids prioritize our marriages and plan a special meal together once a week, even if the kids are hanging out too?

My husband and I have always gone on date nights. It’s been something we’ve both looked forward to weekly, for 20 years now! 

But to have the attitude that Adelle has, that we can enjoy our spouses and still make a special time together, even if the little rascals are hanging out too, I think is fabulous! 

Go, Adelle! You’re a great example for us all! 

Inexpensive ways to fund a date: 

BABYSITTING:  Trade with another family or ask family, friends, or elderly neighbors your are comfortable with 
QUICK DATES: Go out for coffee or dessert 
SPECIALS: Find out if restaurants have any specials going on certain days of the week 
NO CORKAGE: Some restaurants have one night a week with no corkage; bring your own wine 
SHARE A MEAL: Get “elaborate and big” out of your mind and share a meal 
REALLY INEXPENSIVE: Plan a meal at home and put the kids to bed

Or, like Adelle, let the kids squirm around under you feet and relax and enjoy the conversation. We parents have a way of tuning things out, don’t we?Since it’s the month of February and love is in the air, do you have any special plans up your sleeve?  

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