Lara Logan support letter finished, sent.

Recently Oregon Women’s Report did an article about the terrible sexual assault of CBS Reporter Lara Logan during the Egyptian revolution.    Because the incident was made so public this website decided to go public in a positive show of support and asked readers to email or leave comments in support.   We posted those special comments on a card and mailed it to CBS in New York.
Here is what the card said.

Dear Lara,

As editor of Oregon Womens Report I asked our readers to write you their wishes of solidarity with you.

We are all, as women, mothers and wives, broken hearted over your experience and send you our heart-felt support.

May you find a love and healing on this of tragedy you never knew possible. May you breathe in strength and comfort and rest securely in the arms of those who love you deeply.

Thank you for your service to us.


Naomi Inman

[Note: Each comment was set inside a heart and every heart had a tiny piece removed to show our broken hearts that represent our feelings.]

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