My Perfect Movie

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

A few days ago, I found myself much too caught up in work. I needed a break. It was a Monday night, and I decided to take myself to a movie. My husband and son stayed home for some father-son bonding, and I happily hopped in the car and took off for a much-needed solo date.  Now and then, I have no problem going to a movie alone.  I saw The King’s Speech—who needs a date when Colin Firth is on the big screen?

I enjoyed the solitary experience of being completely absorbed by this remarkable film.  For me, The King’s Speech is a movie that has it all: Great acting (Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter were also excellent in their supporting roles); Triumph over adversity; Strong, compelling characters and moving relationships; and history. In short, the movie is about Queen Elizabeth II’s father—King George VI (Bertie), who with the help of his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush), overcomes his stammering to becomes a unifying voice for his nation at the beginning of WWII.

Now, I’ve liked Firth since Bridget Jones’ Diary; He was great in last year’s The Single Man. His soaring performance in The King’s Speech places him unquestionably in the league of great actors.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go see The King’s Speech—a fantastic film, with or without a date.


Erika Weisensee is a native Oregonian, a writer and a mom.

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