A girls lesson with Cosmo magazine

Oregon writer

My niece is a big fan of country singer Carrie Underwood. When I saw that she made the front cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine I just had to buy it, cut out the interview and mail it to her. But wait! The cover headlines were so inappropriate, what was I to do? I decided to cut out any bad headline and was quite amused on how many I had to cut out.

Then I had another idea…

I decided this would make a great teaching lesson. So I added this note to the letter that read:

“I found a great interview of Carrie Underwood in Cosmopolitan magazine, so I cut it out for you. Unfortunately the cover had such trashy and sleazy headlines I had to cut them out. I admit trashy gets some people’s attention. I mean if you wore a stinky brown banana peel on you head to school, you would in fact be the most popular kid in school that day. You would be the most popular for all the wrong reasons. Trashy may get people’s attention, but trash attracts nothing but flies in the end. “

Turned out to be a good teaching moment, I think.

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