Anticipation of birth brings back sweet memories

In Anticipation of a Birthday
By Olivia Rossi,
Your Personal Trainer, RN, MSN, ACSM

A young friend of mine is about to give birth.  She has a week to wait, maybe more, maybe less.  After carrying her baby for nine long months, she is ready now to hold him.  As I watched her yesterday, I was reminded of my own pregnancy and one of my dearest friends who I met in childbirth classes over thirty years ago.

She knew she was having a boy.  I didn’t know that I was too.  She was about a week ahead of me.  She was a beautiful Norwegian woman, slender and blonde, much like my young friend. 

At our last class together, she was so ready and excited for her little one to be born, her anticipation was palpable.  She inspired me to write this poem which I have kept all these years in my poetry file.  I was reminded of it yesterday as I watched my young friend in her excitement and anticipation of her baby’s birthday. 

There is something so very universal about motherhood.  It is a bond that unites us all. 


Clandestine womb, give forth thy treasure
   and bid the woman wait no more.

See how she longs to hold him,
   to cradle his warmth,
      to know this man child of her body.

Grant her now the consummation of her joy.

Woman bringing forth, I am you,
   for I know the rapture of your face.

Savor him now against you,
   enfold his innocence,
      bathe him in your tears of joy.

Know that he is forever yours to love.

Seed sprung forth, you are the world,
   transcending time and all beyond.

You have our paths entwined,
   to her a son,
      to me, a son and cherished friend.

Go now in peace and joy,
   your day is passed.

Happy Birthday,

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