Lessons from my toddler

My Toddler Teaches Me a Few Things
By Christina Rainey
Oregon Writer

Lauren showed us a new trick this weekend: she can now climb in and out of her crib. Lauren is now 2 1/2 and it seems like just yesterday she was rolling over for the first time. But that was over two years ago and it feels like last week. This means the time to move to a new “big girl” bed is coming soon.

We have her twin size bed and a mattress in a spare room, disassembled, ready for Lauren to use it but not wanting to make the move. I think moving Lauren to a bed is a bigger change for her parents than for her. It’s just another sign that Lauren is growing up. It’s time to move from the sweet baby crib to the “big girl all grown up bed.” Cue violins!

I suppose she has to move out of her crib to a bed eventually. She’ll grow out of it soon enough and she can’t sleep there forever. It’s hard to believe when she was first born she would ever be too big for the crib. Placing her in there when she was just weeks old, the crib seemed to be overwhelmingly large. Now I look at her and she looks so tall and slender. Knife to mommy’s heart.

Last weekend, Lauren helped daddy make a raised garden bed. In the next few weeks I hope to plant our cool weather seeds in the new raised bed. I want to teach Lauren where her food comes from. But also I want to show her that all living things start out as small as a seed and grow up to be strong and beautiful. Just like her.

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