What’s missing in our gifts to our kids

What is missing in our gifts
By Evergreen
Oregon writer

Do you ever come across those kids who have enough toys to drown under? My friend’s 7 year old daughter is one. She has a four foot tall doll house with operating elevator. Her closet has so many clothes that she has to wedge open a spot just to hang them. At Christmas there was a mountain of gifts for her. When grandma picked a present for her to open she took it and threw it on the ground as she wanted to unwrap the bigger presents. Everyone laughed, but I found it bizarre.

Last week I had chance to sit with her and talk about places around the world. I asked her if she could point out on a globe where America is. She was clueless. I suppose a seven year old may not know where America is.   What is fascinating is that she has a globe on her night stand. This is no ordinary globe, it is a child’s high tech toy with flashing lights and music. So fancy is that if you fly the plane over a nation a voice tells you what the nation is and sings their national anthem. Someone gave her this globe, but never took the time to show her what was on it. Leaving this lesson up to the fancy globe with its voice narration and music clearly does not cut it. This is the missing part in our gifts to children. Toys cannot replace true love and time adults need to spend with those that they love.

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