How two lovely ducks make me long for Spring

My Photo“My Mallards”
by Kelsey
NW Blogger
K.B. Squared

These sweet beauties were roaming my back yard this morning. After doing some research (and feeding them a bit of bread) it looks like they might actually be finding a spot to lay their eggs.

In the back yard!

I have my heart set on this lovely couple making a home of our home.

They have since left. I think I may get some cornmeal from the store and set up a kiddie pool for them to see if they come back.

Witnessing the beauty of the wild in our back yard makes my throat tighten and my stomach churn. It is yet another reminder of how painfully homesick I am for the spring. We are having record rainfall here in Oregon. I miss the sun. I miss dry grass and mowing the lawn. I miss the park, watching my kids on their scooters, and exploring. I miss outside.

The ducks brought me hope. I’m awaiting their return. I’m already attached.


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