A “Little Black Dress” for your living space

New Faces for Your Spaces
by Tammy LeFever
Interior Motives

Its spring and like you  I’ve got that urge to splurge!…but with the economic stimulus not quite stimulating  my budget…it’s a little more difficult these days to give my space a new facelift…so how about a little makeover that hides a few of those nasty old wrinkles in that old upholstery?

#1.  Unzip those cushions and regulate them back to normal.

#2.  Flip all the cushions and clean off some of those late night snacks..but check your fabric content first to see if water or solvent is best to remove those old stains…you can do a spot test in the hidden area on the inside arm just below the cushion.

#3.  Vacuum the upholstery thoroughly.

#4.  Add a new Dacron if needed.  Readily attainable from your local upholsterer.

#5. Then get ready for fun.  .Just like that little black dress …It’s so easy to change upholstery with just a few accessories!!  Check this link to see what just a few well chosen accents can do for that tired old room!  Oooohhh…..soooo many faces for all those spaces!

Who needs a room facelift if you can have a room makeover?

And see how much money you can save.

Design Tip: One more thing that can really transform drab to fab —exchange outdated light fixtures for modern energy efficient correctly proportioned fixtures. Often contractors keep costs down by installing light fixtures that either do not put out enough wattage or are not proportionally large enough for the space. Look for the Energy Star for the most efficient light fixtures.

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