Express yourself with the color palette in your home

Express Yourself!
by Debra Wade
Creative Interiors

Creating a cohesive feeling throughout an entire home is what I am called to do. I’m an interiors color consultant and artist. After years of living and playing with color I relish the fact that our homes have a surprisingly complex palette of color with ranging values. The goal is to create tonal harmony or ‘flow’. ‘Flow’ introduces harmonious colors in adjacent rooms or throughout a room, with touches of the harmonious palette flowing throughout the house, even to the exterior. A capable color consultant guides you through an objective and subjective color and style analysis to define what you respond to and shows you how you can translate that into your environment. You can use what you have in fresh ways, add new touches, or (gasp), scrap it all and start again.

The Color Marketing Group creates color palettes for a diverse range of manufacturer’s to suggest contemporary colors themes and collective mood. But the most important question is who are you? Working with a color consultant lets you explore answers to that question supported by experience and a shared sense of adventure. You will be amazed at your options for improving the happiness of your home . . . and its inhabitants.

For contemporary mood and color expressions, see my painted Color Palette Studies for 2011.


Layered, global connections
Light of innovation, invention
Technology, respect for diversity
with lights of tomorrow
Colors are saturated, bright.





Rich texture, saturated color
global influence, eccentricity
multiple textures, lace, leather
fur and animal prints pre-dominate.

Be yourself, live your dreams.





Ombre tones of complex
simplicity, one-of-a-kind, tailored
livable colors soothe. Elegant
lines: one doesn’t have to shout
to be noticed.





Values we love, down to earth living
turquoise, simplicity, organic, inspired
images of nature, colors of the earth
ground us. We grow beyond our limitations
and visualize healing for all







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