The Wisdom of Our Mothers

by Erika Weisensee,
Oregon Writer

In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked some of my friends to share something wise they learned from their mothers. Most of them struggled to narrow it down to just one, and I certainly feel the same way about my mom. With that said, here’s but a small sampling of the wisdom of our mothers:

“My mom has taught me to enjoy the small things in life, laugh often and give with all your heart.”
– Michelle

“Some of my favorite words of my mother’s came after I said, ‘Thanks, mom, how can I ever repay you?’ And her answer was always, ‘When you give to your children, you will be giving back to me.’”
– Penny

“My mother taught me there are no limits to what anyone can do. There are only limits in thoughts.”
– Taio

“Mom was so optimistic. Even though she had experienced tragedy in her life, she had a strangely buoyant optimism about life and love.”
– Debbie

“She believes, as do I that we are all created as equals and deserve respect.”
– Paula

“My mom’s love was/is a reflection of God’s love for me. It never mattered who I was or what I had done. She loved unconditionally!”
– Mary

“Our Mom is the heart of our family.  She makes each day brighter and better just by being there.”
– Jessica

“My mother brought us up with a great sense of service to others and modeled it in her life.”
– Carma

“Although I have spent most of my life testing my mom, she has taught me what unconditional love truly means.”
– Becky

“Through many of life’s trials my mom taught me that tears are cleansing for the soul; a song can lift your spirit; and chocolate will finish the job!”
– Molly

“My mom loves with her whole heart, with every ounce of her being.
From the day I was born up to this very moment, I am filled with the warmth of her love.”

If you are inspired, add to this list with a comment below.


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