Addicted to Colorless Clothes

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

I’ve got friends and family members who look stunning in full color. My mom looks great in turquoise and red, my mother-in-law in blues and pinks, my sister in green. Yes, I admire color on other people, yet when it comes to buying my own clothes, I’m a little color-blind.

My closet is full of neutrals! My favorite coat is charcoal grey. My go-to sweater is the color of oatmeal. And ladies, brace yourself: All of my shoes—yes, all of them—are neutral colored. When my sister realized my shoe deficiency a few months ago, she said I needed a shoe intervention. We went shopping and I purchased one pair of sandals. They are black. But they are REALLY cute!

It’s not that all of my clothes are black, brown, white, cream, grey or navy blue. I’m wearing a green sweater in the photo next to this article. Every now and then I branch out, and when I do someone will say, “Wow, you’re wearing a color.”

Just last week, I was shopping for a nice dress to wear to my sister-in-law’s wedding, where my husband and son will be wearing tuxedos. So, I took myself to the mall and tried on a purple dress and then a blue one. I even considered trying on a dress that was definitely fuchsia. But instead, I marched myself out of Nordstrom and down to White House Black Market.

There it was hanging on the wall: My perfect black satin dress. I’m going to wear it with my really cute black sandals.


Erika Weisensee is a writing mom and a native Oregonian.


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