Fake Doctor at OHSU pulled scam for two weeks

Fake Doctor at OHSU pulled scam for two weeks

A 21 year old man is being charged by Portland police with posing as a fake doctor at OHSU. The fake doctor did not go into patient areas but rather conducted his scam at the OHSU coffee shop. At the coffee shop he did engage with an unknowing patient. He gave her medical advice and promised to perform her surgery. The fake doctor also encouraged her to stop taking her medication. The scheme may have been going on for two weeks. The suspect has pleaded not guilty.

The fake doctor’s plot began to unravel when the patient later went to the help desk asking for the doctor who did not exist. Investigators follow-up and discovered that fake doctor at a local hotel and in trouble for writing bad checks.

Officials warned, that “When you’re having an appointment with the doctor…for privacy reasons you should never meet in a public area. That’s a red flag. ” Luckily the fake doctor was prevented from access patient areas that are protected with security points.

The KGW-TV video explains more…

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