Faux trees the trick for allergy-free home accent

Don’t Water the Trees Please!
by Tammy Lefever
Interior Motives

Long, long ago in a place not so away there was no such thing as an artificial silk tree, plant or flower. In homes ridden with allergies, or born without green thumbs, there were only plastic roses and dried weeds available to liven up your window sills, empty corners, mantles and lonely dining room tables.

In a short 25 years we have gone from ho-hum to humming ho-ho-ho during the Christmas holiday. Pre-lighted holiday trees are set up and ready to go in a snap! I know…. its sooooo marvelous to fulfill family tradition and cut down a live tree–no disrespect to living, breathing, trees and plants. Everyone adores Mother Nature, especially in the spring, but for those of us who’s thumbs are not so green, for those of us who don’t have time to patiently care for live plants, or have allergic reactions to all things growing in dirt, there is a perfect, Faux-simile tree, plant or floral out there waiting, just for you.

Springtime should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the color of your thumb or how allergic you may be.

25 years in the business of manufacturing Faux-similes qualifies me to testify that the craft of creating life-like, artificial, botanicals is progressing at leaps and bounds.

• They have a very long life expectancy
• Are very cost efficient
• Fulfill all kinds of creative needs for your home
• Can survive for years on top of hard to reach china cabinets
• Are easy to clean and care for
• They could care less about good lighting conditions
• They don’t leave water marks or ruin table tops and floors
• They make you feel happy and bring the outdoors in
• They can do things that Mother Nature never dreamed of…

And they don’t need WATER!

Maintenance secrets:
• Pot your silk tree or plant in a container that is proportionate to its size…think of it as having a life size root system. Give it a beautiful container–one that makes it proud.
• Dust them with a feather duster while the vacuum is on close by.
• Purchase silk plant cleaning products to bring new life to them at least once a year.

So enjoy Spring anyway–even if you can’t get out into the garden. You can still create something beautiful for your home today.

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