Top 10 list of “self-made” women billionaires

Here is the Top 10 list of Forbes Magazine’s “self-made” women billionaires of the world. These are women billionaires who played a major part in their fortunes.   See Forbes for complete list.

1. Wu Yajun $5.5B (China, Developer)
2. Rosalia Mera $4.2B (Spain, Zeta stores)
3. Zhang Xin $2.9B (China, Former Goldman Sachas Exec.)
4. Chu Lam Yui, $2.8B (Hong Kong — Huabao Int’l,)
5. Oprah Winfrey $2.7 B (USA — TV)
6. Giuliana Benetton, $2.4B (Italy — Benetton clothes founder)
7. Doris Fisher $2.3B (USA — GAP founder)
8. Diane Hendricks $2.2B (USA — Roofing Company)
9. Jin Sook Chang $2.2B (USA Apparel chain “Forever 21),
10.Hawken XIU LI, $2.2B (UK – Real Estate)

Almost made the list….
Elaine Wynn $1.4B (USA- Casinos)
Meg Whitman $1.3 B (USA – former eBay CEO)

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