Sunny Day Highlights Simple Ways to Clean House

Simple Spring Cleaning
by Joy Dombrow
Oregon Writer

I like spring.

I like clean.

I like frugal.

Wrap all that into one and you get a picture of what I did today. Yes, yes it was far too beautiful to be inside, but when that sun comes out you can see every dust bunny and fingerprint in my house. I can get away with a half-hearted cleaning job on those gray days, but when the sun breaks through, it outs me.

So, here’s my simple spring cleaning method….

1. Throw open all the windows to make the whole house smell fresh and clean.

2. Go room by room and dump as much as you can into this:

I try to get rid of 27 things in each room or area. Why 27? Because it has been ingrained in me by the Flylady, that’s why. The 27 fling boogie. The less stuff we have, the cleaner and easier my life is.

3. Use these on every possible surface:

I love, love, love my dollar store microfiber cleaning cloths. No need for cleaning solutions. It works on everything. You can throw them in the laundry when you are done. I use a dry one for dusting, polishing glass, and drying surfaces. I use a damp one for cleaning fingerprints off of walls and woodwork, washing windows and mirrors, cleaning sinks and countertops, and mopping floors. It makes for quick and easy work.

4. Go to town with this:

A good vacuum with attachments can get carpet, hard floors, crevices, furniture, blinds, you name it. Plus it’s kind of fun.

5. Use these as cleaners (if you need them):

Baking soda as an abrasive.
Diluted Vinegar as a cleaner.

Diluted hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant.

Simple, right? Safe for the environment. Easy on the wallet. No lugging around 15 cleaners. A warm and inviting home. Love it.

Yes, this is a unique departure from my usual posts. However, I needed to show that I don’t live completely inside my own head ;-). Sometime we make things way too complicated.

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