Do you need a “Staycation”?

By Erika Weisensee

The latest buzzword flying around the travel and leisure sector is “staycation,” a blend of the phrase “stay at home” and the word “vacation.” Instead of blowing a bundle of money on a pricey trip somewhere else, “staycationers” vacation at or very near home. In this challenged economy, it’s a really great idea.

Who doesn’t need a vacation? Who wouldn’t like to spend a week relaxing, exploring the local region, and enjoying entertainment, dining out, spa treatments and more? The beauty of a “staycation” is that you can avoid the stress of travel and save a ton of money by staying home. And, by patronizing local businesses and attractions, you’ll help support the local economy.

Believe it or not, an effective “staycation” takes planning. The danger of staying at home for a vacation is spending the whole time doing chores and things you feel you have to do. Because a vacation by nature means a break from your regular routine, planning will help you make the most of your time at home.

Experts suggest making a list of things you want to do during your time off. Of course, if you have a family or a partner taking time off with you, the planning should take into account everyone’s wishes. You may want to do a few things in advance, such as making dinner reservations, spa appointments, or buying tickets to an event. Also, before the “staycation” begins, consider cleaning your house or having it cleaned and get the grocery shopping done in advance. That way you can really relax when your holiday begins.

In a region rich with scenic beauty and ample tourist attractions, Oregon is an ideal place for a “staycation.” Whether you take the family to a mountain sno-park or visit a museum, make a point to do something new. The website has great suggestions for what to do and see throughout the state. A word of caution: Don’t over-schedule yourself, or you many end up just as tired as you would be after a busy vacation.

Finally, if you are craving a night or two away from home, hotels are offering affordable lodging and packages at discounted rates. Most off-season rates stay in effect until March. Visit for more information.


Erika Weisensee is a writing mom. She lives in Milwaukie and teaches journalism at the University of Portland.

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