Marine Ball celebrity invites further sinks in class

By Evergreen,
Oregon Writer

Just last week I wrote about how actress Mila Kunis made national news for accepting an invitation to the Marine Ball by soldier who sent his invitation by You Tube. (see article Celebrity Mila Kunis says yes to lousy date proposal ). If you watch the video you would agree the the Ball invite proposal video was really low-ball if I can say (pun intended).

A few days later, anotehr Marine made a video. This time he invited 90+ actress and comedian Betty White to the Ball. This invite aimed to be more comedic but still came across as bad taste. You can view it below and decide for yourself. Needless to say, Betty White declined. Then actress Linda Hamilton jumped in to accept. Everything about how this is playing out seems so shallow compared to the fantasy dream like image the media is trying to portray.

Another video shows Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake being intevriewd on the Today Show. This interview too was very low clas. So bad, I feel embrassed for the host.

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