Street of Dreams a “ticket” to success for this designing mom

The Paula Deen NW Retreat at NW Naturals Street of Dreams
by Tammy Lefever
Interior Motives

“Treat your family like company and your company like family” I recently repeated that phrase from Paula Deen. I decided to get involved with yet another Street of Dreams home.

Actually I owe my career to the Street of Dreams event. As a young mother I started my interior design business out of my home. Being able to design and decorate Street of Dreams homes helped me to raise the wonderful family I have today. When I opened up Interior Motives 18 years ago, it was because my children were going off to college. I thought I had better find something that needed me as much as my children had before they left home…but to my joy, and surprise…they came back!  And today together we own and operate Interior Motives in Tigard Oregon. A true family business, through good times and bad.

After doing hard labor in China for the last three years, designing and decorating model homes and burning the midnight oil we have managed to keep our small family business alive and our doors open. This year we are so proud to show off the talents of our team and to work with the Paula Deen people creating the Paula Deen NW Retreat home.

The Paula Deen home Dining Room

It has been a pleasure to work with another family owned business Palisch homes, the Builder and Contractor of this 3,600 sq ft. family retreat. It is exciting to see what everyone has brought to the table for this years show house. And yes, even in these tuff times, Americans still have the power to dream. There is no better place on earth to manifest dreams into reality. It’s not always the power of the almighty dollar that brings American ideas and dreams to fruition.  Often it is good, old-fashioned determination, drive and hard work.

The Paula Deen home Kitchen

The builders, designers, vendors and craftsmen who have created this year’s show have done an awesome job, putting in blood, sweat and tears to show that through good times and bad they can still create beautiful sanctuaries full of ideas that everyone can take home and implement into their own lifestyle.

The focus for the show this year is:  HOME… pure and simple! Home entertaining, multi-generational living and sharing good times with friends and family.

I hope you can all join us this year out at the NW Natural Street of Dreams Event in Tigard, Oregon. For more about the Paula Deen NW Retreat and the Opening Night Charity event to benefit the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation on August 4th please follow the links and information below.  See you at the Street of Dreams!


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