9 tips for falling asleep on airplane

9 tips for falling asleep on airplane
By evergreen,
Oregon writer

After criss-crossing the world on an airplane over the years I know have found a way to fall asleep on any airplane at any time. Here is what I have learned on how to fall asleep on airplane.

1. Use earplugs: This is the most helpful way to fall asleep because it most makes you feel like you are not in a plane as it silences all those interfering noises. Remember to not just stick the plugs in, instead roll them tightly and then place in your ear. The difference is striking.
2. Buy a window seat: This makes it easier to lean over and it gives you control over whether the airplane window is open or not.
3. Use a sleeping aid: While on the airplane always trying falling asleep first before you use a sleeping aid because most of the time you can go to sleep without it, but keep it handy for those times you can’t.
4. Book early flight times: By booking early flight times you can sleep easier on those long trips.
5. Use blinders: Blinders are of limited use, but I have found they work best not for keeping out light, but for more making it harder for opening my eyes.
6. Turn on airplane air nozzle above: The cooler your body is the easier it can fall asleep as you replicating nighttime conditions. But not too cool to be a discomfort.
7. Use compression socks. Air travel hurts leg circulation and compression socks helps keep the blood flow moving as if you were at home and makes it easier to sleep.
8. Be hydrated and don’t drink alcohol.
9. Use an inflatable neck pillow. Remember that airlines no longer offer blankets or pillows, so you will need to bring your own. Inflatable neck pillows are great and simple to bring along.

P.S. Some have recommended that you stay up late the night before by cleaning your house and therefore you will be tire don the plane and have a clean house once your return trip.   I find this option to be reserved for the super motivated.  Furthermore, I feel that you shouldn’t wake up too tired for your initial flight because it increases the risk of leaving something behind or making a mistake.

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