A mom’s Sacred Summer defined by tasks unaccomplished

A Sacred Summer
by Joy Dombrow
Oregon Writer 

The days of summer quietly wiggle their way through my grasped fingers.

Tardy summer weather fast collides with school shopping, football practice, and fall preparations, making these warm and lazy days scarce and precious. A combination of activity and retreat decorate my daily schedule, one that continually keeps me off balance with no routine, yet keeps me anticipating the possibilities.

I am trying to savor it all.

My house may not be clean, but it’s a haven.

My life might not be organized, but I am present in it.

Discipline and structure have vanished, but my heart is full.

Accomplishment may elude me, but I am making memories with my children.

And at times, I have abandoned the electronic pen in order to scribble love and life upon the hearts of my only son and only daughter. These moments are so fleeting and sacred, that an intentional choice begs to be made.

May we each jump in headlong into the lives of the people with which God has placed us, in all grace, purpose, and intentionality.

Even if it means the blog (or other important endeavor) must wait on the sideline.

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