Good Laughs at Crazy, Stupid, Love

By Erika Weisensee

A good pick for date night or girls’ night out. . .

If you’re looking to see a fun film that won’t make you think very hard but will make you laugh out loud, then go see Crazy, Stupid Love. With lots of great one-liners and funny mis-haps, the film’s talented cast more than makes up for the cliché ending.

The cast includes Steve Carell, recently retired from The Office, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Carell plays Cal Weaver, a 40-something family guy whose wife Emily (Moore) has an affair. Cal looks for comfort at a local bar where he meets a ladies’ man named Jacob (Gosling). Cal met Emily in high school and is beyond rusty in the dating department. Comedy ensues as Jacob takes Cal under his wing, giving him a full on man makeover and mentoring him in how to have success with the ladies.

Some amusing side stories emerge, including Cal’s hook-up with his son’s eighth grade English teacher, played by Marissa Tomei, and his son’s crush on the family babysitter. Is the love between Cal and Emily strong enough to survive? You can probably guess the answer, but watching it all unfold is well worth the price of admission. I enjoyed seeing this movie with a good friend, but Crazy Stupid Love could also be a great pick for date night.

Erika is a writing mom and a native Oregonian. 

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