Have you ever felt alone in a crowded Facebook room?

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded Facebook room?
Guest Opinion

I think one of the genius ideas of Facebook is that it has given people an automatic social connection wether they have earned it or not. In many ways it can be a fake social connection with just computer programs dishing out other people’s mail as an automatic routine. Some users get surprised when they find out that they say something important and are shocked that no one bothered to read what they had to say when they made a verbal inquiry. They assume just because they say something on Facebook or twitter that people are reading it. I guess it doesn’t matter if people read your comments. Just consider a person with 75 friends and no one is paying attention or acting like a friend. This is a new virtual version of being alone in a crowded (social media) room. But here they do not even know it.

In Facebook, people get a chance to “Like” or not “Like” a friend.  If you do not “like” someone after a contact has given you an invitation, then most times that person gets the message.   On a rare occasion you may meet that person and in their faulty logic will confront you on why you did not accept their invitation.    Talk about embarrassing for both sides.   Even worse, is LinkedIn.  This popular social media vehicle is just about establishing contacts.    The LinkedIn invitations seem to fill my in-box more than Facebook ones.  More people seem to be offended that I do not accept their LinkedIn account invitation.    I wish people would just give it up. Get a life.

You may have lots of Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts but are you that connected to people in the real world?

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