We’re being an accomplice to distracted driving

By Evergreen,
Oregon writer,

It breaks my heart to see child being killed in a preventable auto accident caused by distracted cell drivers. It happened in Port Orchard Washington where a man was sentenced this week to three years in jail for running his car into another killing a baby inside (KATU story here).

The man was texting. Evidence show that he was so distracted that he never even applied his brakes to the car in front of him waiting on a red light.

No time to apply the brakes?
How distracted do you have to be?

Laws have been passed to outlaw using phones while driving, but laws are a poor replacement for public involvement. Driving while distracted needs to be something we all speak out against and try to stop when we see it happen in our own cars. Another mistake we make is that when we call people and find out that they are on the phone (without hands-free device) we need to do the responsible thing and call them back. It can wait.

For all the cell-phone car drivers out there who still are not convinced.  Just remember, you call leaves a trace to you and the crime.  So if you DO get into an accident, there is no way out.  Do the right thing .  Hang up.

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