Orange Tabby hands out Halloween Candy

Are You Ever Too Old for Toys?  A Halloween Story . . .
by Olivia Rossi
Your Personal Trainer

I love puppets.  I also love cats.  How could I resist a cat puppet?  I didn’t.  I bought one last week just because he was so darned cute.  I’m 62-years old.  Am I too old to have fun with a puppet?  No way.  Let me tell you why.


This little puppet is an orange tabby cat.  When I was a little girl, I had an orange tabby kitten that I named Rufus.  He fit in my pocket when I got him.  That’s what I planned to call this little guy until I looked him in the eye.  His eyes reminded me of a cat I had known named “Harley.”

My little puppet took on a new identity.  His became a hyphenated name, Harley-Rufus.  I even went to Petco and bought him a collar and name tag.  I didn’t care if they thought I was “nuts.”   He came to work with me today, Halloween.  I’m a nurse.  I popped him out of my bag and surprised my patients . . . and they laughed.  One even petted him as if he was real . . . he had a really big smile on his face.  My little puppet, Harley-Rufus, was a big hit . . . perhaps “little hit” is a better fit.

Today is Halloween.  A little boy came by tonight, rang the doorbell and said “trick-or-treat.”  Harley-Rufus was handing out candy.  The little boy asked me if he was real.  The truth of youth . . . Are you ever too old for toys?

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