Upgrading the look of your wardrobe

by Lani Grass
Personal Image & Confidence Coaching
Backstage With Lani

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is how to get the most value out of something I want. I’m one of those careful people who thinks before I leap.

Not being a notorious risk- taker, I’ve actually been told I should have gone into Risk Management as a career! This line of reasoning also pertains to my views on fashion and what I spend my hard-earned money on.  Here are three building blocks to upgrading the look of your wardrobe.  I’ve also added a new resource I’d like to introduce to you.

CPW: Being a well-known connoisseur of classics, I educate my clients on CPW (cost per wear). You can calculate this out when you take the amount you paid for an item and divide it by how many times you have or will wear the item. This is a good way to see if you’re making a wise purchase or not. Ask yourself how many times you’ve bought something only to have worn it once or twice because the style doesn’t transcend into the next seasons?  Without a doubt, buying something of quality for a great price is the ideal fashion purchase.

Key Items: Weaving in quality key items into your closet will also make your whole wardrobe look more upscale. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the majority of your wardrobe, just select some fabulous finds and strategically buy them to mix and match with what you already have.

Add some refinement to your wardrobe: I believe that fashion trends are moving into a more sophisticated era… Thank you Kate Middleton!  You will see more and more elegant, yet sexy styles hit the runway and magazines. You can still rock casual while being fashionably chic. Think jeans with a flattering T-shirt and a great jacket.  When you combine something that is well-made with updated accessories and neatly applied, yet not-overdone make-up, it’s the perfect combination of looking effortlessly elegant.

I’d like to introduce you to Etcetera: While personal shopping with many clients, we often frequent their favorite clothing stores on a mission to find items on their customized shopping list.  This is a great way to begin shopping in a familiar environment.  The frustration enters when we can’t find key items we came looking for.  For this reason, I recently began partnering Etcetera, a New York fashion design house.

Etcetera: It is an exclusive yet affordable line. It is not sold in stores and is presented by private appointment only with consultants throughout the country. The clothes are simple, wearable, fabulous and very sophisticated. Etcetera debuts their seasonal lines 4 times a year and they are available for a limited time period.  Etcetera designs their collection around real feedback from real customers.  In other words, they listen to what women want! Every piece is sold as separates and is designed to combine and re-combine with other pieces in upcoming collections.  The clothes are a great value in “Cost per Wear” because they are designer quality at department store pricing (such as Nordstrom).  We all love gorgeous clothes at great prices.

Enter each season with thoughtful selection in cost (CPW), adding a couple key items, and refining your look with a new accessory, you’ll find yourself stepping up the look of your wardrobe.

This is your Season to Shine!

~ Lani


For my Portland, Oregon clients, I am debuting Etcetera on November 23rd through December 6th!

Clients will receive a 1-hour customized fashion consultation as a gift ( $50.00 value) just for scheduling an appointment to shop the private showing.

To receive a personal invitation, or if you have questions, please email: [email protected] and visit: www.etcetera.com to view the full collection.

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