Holiday travel means dreading airport screeners

Oregon Women’s Report survey result,

Over 60% of Oregon women who took our online survey said they do not approve of airport full-body imaging scanners. Travelers through Oregon’s largest airport, Portland, may have no choice as a new scanner is expected to arrive sometime this year. After the Christmas Day bomber, new efforts to install as many scanners in as many airports as possible.

Below are some of the comments:

– I’m not sure that all of the TSA folks are as upstanding as we would wish.
– Keeping people safe is more important than inconveniences.
– I’m strongly opposed to full-body scanners. It’s wrong, and under American Constitutional law, I think it is an “unreasonable search.”
– Disapprove for everyone, Use profiling and approve for those, let’s use interogation, tougher immigration laws, more covert anti-terroism tactics, more profiling and quit treating evryone the same.
– Will they be able to find cancer with it too? I think they should also get a cancer sniffing dog, and tag team people. Early detection is key.
– Not on everyone!
– It seems like it would take forever to get on a plane
– As long as they are not afraid to profile those to be scanned as I’m assuming they’ll not be scanning everyone.

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