Is it toys or kids that have changed over the years?

By Gienie Assink,
Springfield Oregon

When my husband Tim was 2 years old his dad bought a huge toy semi-truck probably about as long as he was tall. He could have ridden on the thing I’m sure; however, Bill (Tim’s father) didn’t want Tim to destroy it being a 2 year old. So he gave it to Tim when he was about 17–If you know Tim’s dad at all, this “logic” would make a lot of sense.

Needless to say, Tim managed to keep it all these years and Elijah, (my delightful 5 year old) got a hold of it and asked Tim how it worked. Tim says openly, “Just push it along Elijah. Make noise, you know.”

A moment later Elijah says in frustration, “It isn’t working dad..!”

“What are you talking about?” Tim says, thoroughly confused as to how a toy similar in operation to your average Hot Wheel could possibly be malfunctioning. It was at that moment it dawned on my brilliant husband that Elijah had actually expected the truck to drive itself, or make some noise, or transform into a robot and play basketball with him.

“You have GOT to be kidding me Elijah,” I hear Tim say in a loud…awe-stricken voice. “We are not so new age and advanced with our technology that you don’t understand how some standard toy you push around and make sounds for works.”

After several attempts in showing Elijah how cave-children of the 1980’s played their primitive games while their parents worked in the field with stone knives and bear skins… he gave up, because Elijah had quickly lost interest and found something else to do.

I’m not sure what Tim did wrong.. all I remember is him…sitting in the grass playing with his old toy by himself…can you imagine… a 27 year old man…devastated to the point where he’s playing with a truck by himself…its a pretty sad situation.

In my “professional mom” opinion, I think Elijah’s disinterest must have had something to do with the hover-board and virtual reality helmet we gave him for Christmas a few years back… I mean he didn’t even give his dad a chance to show him how to play chew the bark off the tree…my favorite game by the way as a kid…I believe it was my grandfather’s favorite game too.

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