Fashion: Out with the “Old” rules, In with the “New”

Old Rules, New Rules
by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani

Let’s face it, many of us think we already know a lot about fashion and have heard it all before… But no matter how much we think we’ve learned about style in the past, if we keep using all the same fashion information, it’s definitely going to outdate us.

Let’s compare!

Old Rule: New Rule:

OLD: Always match your handbag to your shoes.
NEW: Too much matching will outdate your look.

OLD: Metallic pieces are for evening only.
NEW: Metallics are for day as well. They‘re the new neutral.

OLD: Stockings should be flesh toned.
NEW: Shoes should be flesh toned, legs should be bare.

OLD: Don’t wear cheap jewelry.
NEW: Faux jewelry is “In” and can be fabulous.

OLD: Never mix two different prints or patterns in the same outfit.
NEW: Mixed patterns look great when the color tones match.

OLD: Don’t wear white after Labor Day.
NEW: Wear white in the winter and black in the summer- so fresh!

One of the easiest ways to look updated is to loosen up! There are a few professions that wearing a suit definitely is the norm, but in many of today’s workplaces, the new norm is called “business casual.” This doesn’t mean that you can wear ripped jeans, shoulder-baring halter tops or tight message T-shirts, but it does mean you have a lot more freedom in the workplace to be more casual. The modern way to dress is much less conforming; less strict.

By dressing less matchy-matchy, you’ll even look younger! Imperfection looks so much better and makes you feel so liberated. Take that beautiful suit and break it up. For instance, wear the suit jacket with jeans and a sexy top underneath with strappy sandals to a dinner party. Wear the slacks with a cardigan twinset, metallic pumps and bold earrings and you’ve got another great outfit!

Every season, the fashion industry is going to serve up the new trends. Some of them are great, some of them silly and some are just plain crazy-looking. Your job is to figure out which trends you will wear and what works with your wardrobe. I work with my clients to help them figure out their style so they can recognize what works for them when they see it!

We’re on the cusp of 2012 and it’s time again to look at your closet and figure out what’s hot and what is not. My job is to educate you in all things style and help you find your personal best.

The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

~ Lani

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