Public botched marriage proposal re-injures women

By Guest Opinion,
Oregon writer

The video marriage proposal gone bad video has made the top of the news this week with three million hits.  A hopeful boyfriend made the proposal during a UCLA game on the jumbo tron, but things went horribly wrong when she refused and left distraught.    After watching many YouTube videos of people’s accidents and misfortunes over the years I must say this one really impacted me.   First, I felt very sorry for both the guy and the girl.  Yet, it was the girl who had no control over events and did not ask to have one of her most embarrassing moments being broadcast before a stadium full of people and re-broadcast before millions more.  You can hear people in the audience taunting her and forcing her to say yes.   It is not fair to punish her again by making her relive it on the web.

In defense of this poor woman and all future women, I offer two suggestions:

1) Attention YouTube! Please show basic courtesy and human decency by blurring out her face.

2) Attention Stadium “Kiss-Cam” operators! Any guy who requests the jumbo tron to announce his proposal should be required to bring along a friend of the future bride to verify to stadium staff that this massive leap into the public stage is in fact in the best interest of the woman being proposed to.

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