Song of the Heart — Poetry Prize Winner

This is our 2012 Poet Prize winner of our Valentine’s Contest

Song of the Heart
By Lora Lafayette
Portland, Oregon

I feel you like freedom from sorrow.
Your name is scorched in my existence.
I carry you when you matter most.
And sing at the smallness of discretion.
I live the music you are to me.
I want to share your air –
Breath coming in serendipitous bursts.

We are bound in bands of humour.
We are significant in each other.
We perspire in frequently habitual lyrics.
And gaze into perfectly formed smiles.
Our union is remarkable and true
And wills matched never forgetful.
We are roses and lilies,
And worship in synchronized spells.
We quell the smallest trepidation of resource,
.And outlast the unfurnished longing.

I sing to you, love.
I take your song as me.


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