Ten affordable accessories to update your wardrobe (now!)

by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani


When I work with a client, one of the things I hear most is “I have a lot of clothes but I’m tired of them.” We all invest quite a bit of money in our wardrobes and it’s just not practical to keep buying new pieces just because you get bored with the pieces you already own. The easiest and most affordable thing you can do to update your wardrobe is to invest in new accessories.

Here are my top 10 picks:

1. Men’s watch: This is not the to say you should just outright steal your man’s watch right off his arm, but there are a lot of great watches out there that are made for a woman’s arm, but are just a touch masculine. Choose a larger watch face and chunkier bands. How about a stitched leather with a bold metal face worn just slightly loose so it looks cool, not constricting. Pair it with other bracelets on the same arm and you’ve got a real fashion statement going on!


2. Spectator pumps: The old style is much daintier with a pointed toe and skinny heel. The new style has a rounded toe and chunkier heel. Love the way this little detail differences can change your whole look.

3. Skinny belts: Buy these in basic colors as well as neon shades for fun! Belt your favorite cardigans and sweaters loosely for a modern twist to your tried and true wardrobe go-to’s!


4. Traditional handbag shapes in new colors: It’s more comfortable to ease into a new style when there’s something familiar about it, yes? Take a classic shape and make it feel feel brand new by choosing a bright hue like orange, yellow or hot pink!

5. The big ring: Haven’t tried this trend yet? This is one of the easiest and most wearable accessories to liven up your outfit. There are countless possibilities for stones and metals. How about trying a bright electric blue ? It’ll go with a ton of things in your wardrobe and give a snap of color on your hands that will be fun to look at throughout the day.


6. Silk neckerchief: Tie one on in a luscious, translucent color or gorgeous print. Wear it with a T-shirt with a small denim jacket or even with a monochromatic twinset for an edgy yet retro-glam look!

7. Leopard print shoes: Yes, this look is still going strong. Now that you’ve seen it for awhile, it’s time to get brave and treat yourself to a great pair! You can actually wear this as a neutral and it will make any outfit instantly more interesting and shows off your style confidence!


8. Lady-like mini bag: The opposite of the large tote bag comes the retro version of the chic little handbag. The small size, short straps and creative buckles makes us even feel more feminine when we’re wearing this. These are just plain fun: don’t you just want to have one?

9. Large floral earrings: Dress up anything with these colorful, whimsical accessories that make you love being a woman. Find these in shades from pastels to bright, hot colors mixed with pearlsand faux stones.




10. Aviator sunglasses: Undeniably sexy, these glasses look chic with any style from Romance Girl to Biker Chick. These tend to make you look a little tough, so remember to break out that smile, heartbreaker!


With a flat-lined economy, spending money wisely is on everyone’s minds these days.



Using accessories to update a wardrobe is not a news flash, but can definitely be fun and a way to spend a lot less money than buying a bunch of new clothes. Besides, who wouldn’t want an excuse to buy new shoes?


The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

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