Marvelous Mary and her natural soaps

Marvelous Mary and Her Natural Soaps
by Leona Atkinson
Marvelous Works

Mary Holmes

Meeting Mary Holmes was quite a blessing, tangibly and intangibly.

I first met Mary via a Facebook post regarding Coconut Oil.  Since I had recently written an article on Coconut Oil titled “The Tree of Life”,  Mary’s post about it intrigued me.

One post led to another and when I learned Mary had her own local natural soap-making business, which was a garage-grown, woman-owned business, I knew I just had to meet her, check out her soaps and find out more.

Upon arriving at her home in Hillsboro, OR. last week, I was greeted by a very friendly lady who welcomed me in and proceeded to show me all the wonderful things she makes in her “factory.”

Mary not only makes a multitude of various natural bar soaps, but also makes wonderful liquid soaps, lotions and lip balms. She is very knowledgeable about all the different ingredients she uses in her products and what each does.

She has been making soaps for 13 years and has obviously done a lot of research on natural oils and fragrances.   As she proceeded to show me her creations she would also give me samples. I left with my head full of very helpful information and my hands full of various samples to try.  It was the middle of January but it felt like it was Christmas all over again !

Mary makes all her soaps and lotions by hand in small batches and she is always working on coming up with a new recipe that might be helpful for someone’s skin.  Mary’s first soap was created for herself to solve a problem she had with her hands being dry and cracked while she was working as an RN in an Intensive Care Unit.

That product led her to continue trying more ideas for herself and others in hope of coming up with a natural healing solution via soaps and lotions.  She has made soaps and lotions for all kinds of skin problems and every ingredient she puts in her products is good for the skin.

Mary has quite an extensive list of handmade products which she sells online, and at various local shops.  She also makes up delightful gift baskets for all occasions with regular and novelty soaps.

Plus, 10 percent of all her sales is donated to charities supporting children and families worldwide.

I am still trying out some of the samples Mary gave me but I can already say that that I absolutely love love love the Lavender Lemon Chamomile Lip Balm!  It is moist, creamy and has the wonderful taste of Lavender Lemon cookies !  Also, her “Bare Naked” soap and lotion which is un-scented and full of all kinds of natural ingredients really meets my skin needs at this time.


I invite you to visit Mary via her web site titled “Holmes Natural Bath and Body Care”  to learn more about Mary and her products and to order them online at

You can also connect to her on Facebook 

Mary, in my opinion, is a blessing and truly one of God’s Marvelous works.

Thank you Mary for all you do to make life better for so many people!

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