The touching story behind the “new” wedding ring

By Delilah Moore Leach
Lebanon Oregon
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“With this ring I thee wed.” The traditional pledge resonated in my heart as I gazed into Jeff’s dark eyes. I had waited a very long time to find someone who could see beyond the outward and fall in love with my inner qualities. And I had!

I hadn’t ever envisioned the type of ring I might receive because I hadn’t dreamed of the perfect wedding in advance. But any of my friends would have been happy with this symbol of marriage. My ring featured a large stone in the center with three small stones on each side nestled next to the simple wedding band.

Ten years later.

“You need a new ring,” said Jeff.

“Why?” I was happy with my symbol of love.

“I just want to get you a new ring,” he explained. “Let’s go look.”

As I gazed at the sparkling rings in their glass cases, I realized that I really liked mine.

Jeff, however, didn’t give up his idea. Several days later we once again stopped by his favorite jewelry store.

“I found a couple of rings I want you to look at,” he explained.

As we neared the front counter, I glimpsed the glistening diamonds. I wasn’t sure I deserved one of these magnificent gems.

“Try this one on,” Jeff said holding up a large brilliant cut solitaire.

I loved the beautiful, gleaming ring and twisted my hand back and forth watching it throw out spears of light. “Here’s another one,” Jeff said. “Try it on.”

This ring featured three stones. As Jeff slipped the ring on my finger, I watched rays of light dance with my hand’s movement. “Which one do you want?”

“You’re serious?” I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it, but I chose the ring with three diamonds totaling 1 .57 carats.

Why did you want a new set?” I asked as we left the store.

My heart melted at his answer.

“When we first married I didn’t value you as much as I do now. I want everyone to know how much you are loved. This is a symbol of how much you mean to me.”

My eyes flooded with tears as I realized how much he loved me. I was blessed to have found this love.

By Delilah Moore Leach
Lebanon Oregon
Read her amazing life in story “Iron Heart – A story of perseverance after polio

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