“Finding myself” without paying a therapist

Finding Myself Again~in a Very Unexpected Place

Jami Ronda
“Mom’s Flight School” Blog

Minimalism and materialism do not play nicely together, one combats the other.  I want more minimalistic thinking in my life and to avoid materialism.  Surely, there are more important things to do than look at things I love and could never afford!  I just didn’t see the purpose of Pinterest, aside from it being visually pleasing.  Frosting.

I figured I could “go there” once my kids have left home and I don’t have to prioritize time so well.  Nope, just not going to do it…no way!  I’m too busy for Pinterest!!!

So, out of the blue, a friend (in the middle of my home tossing frenzy phase) says, “Now, because of Pinterest, I don’t have to save things from magazines…”  WHAT?  What do you mean?  Oooooooh!  (the light bulb goes on)  Pinterest is where you save cool ideas or recipes ONLINE, with no paper to jam into the overflowing file of other things you wanted to save but never used file for a later date?  BAZINGA!  I’m was sold.  It’s not frosting, it’s more like meatloaf!

I felt a little naughty when I texted my friend (who was the first to invite me) and humbly asked for another invitation to Pinterest.  I was soooooo happy she was in a position to give me instant gratification, right then, she texted back.  The invite came seconds later and delicately I stuck my toe  dove in like a madwoman and probably pinned 100 things the first session.  Pinterest is brilliant!

Why, do I feel this way now, you ask?

1)  I have chucked pounds and pounds of paper and magazines since I joined.  I feel FREE of the trap, thinking that I must save everything!

2)  It truly is a tool (clutter free!) to organize my brain, which is no small task.  I’m not sure what that says about me, but I’m going with it.  A calender just doesn’t do it for me, like it does my Type A hubby, Pinterest makes me feel clearheaded.

3) I think I found myself again!  That me that I was before kids, the me who had “favorite things”.  I’ve always been here, it’s just that “the me I think I am” got all jumbled and fuzzy when mommy brain hit.  (That condition of not being able to locate information that my brain once stored somewhat efficiently.)  That feeling of “I don’t really know who I am anymore” is going away.  I knew I was a mom and wife and that I love it, I mean the other stuff that makes me my quirky self!  I remember me now…I forgot I was such a geek and a bit of a gear head!  I’d forgotten some of the things I liked, until it was staring me in the face.  You should see my “sweet rides” board!

I will conclude with this thought, for me, the yummy ketchup sauce on top of the meatloaf of Pinterest, there is no other place on earth where you get to think about what you like.  How often in life are we women asked what we want or what we like?  In mommyhood, that stuff lives on the back burner.  Not in a martyrdom type way, but it’s just reality.  Pinterest lets you have a few minutes in a mommy happy place where you can be immersed in the things that make your heart go pitter patter…whether it’s a gorgeous old Chevy, a yummy cupcake recipe, a beautiful herd of paints, or a ruffly skirt.  Disneyland is nice, but it’s crowded and expensive…I vote Pinterest as the new Happiest Place on Earth!


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