The benefits of eating in or eating out?

by Sandy Coughlin
Medford, Oregon

The Reluctant Entertainer

Recently we had a conversation with some friends about the the benefits of eating out, versus eating in. Or the other way around. They asked me what I preferred …

I envisioned people coming in to our home, and the feeling or ambience they would experience versus an occasionally cold, sterile restaurant (but not always).

At home we have our choice of music, we work on our own schedule, there are fewer distractions, and the best part … we control the conversation, the ambience, even a level of intimacy.

Communication is the real connection, isn’t it? Although I know it can happen anywhere, inviting people into our homes and letting them visit and view “our reality” creates a bit of intimacy right there.

We are basically saying, “Come on over and we’ll share our lives with YOU!”

To me that is the most honoring invitation.

It’s real and it’s beautiful. Paul and I have learned more about people around our table than in any other places in our lives (and that includes church). It also teaches our kids the importance of hosting others.

I will admit though, in different seasons of my life, it’s just been easier to eat out. And keeping in mind that whether eating in or out, hospitality is about making others feel warm and welcome.

I believe it can happen anywhere, which is really fantastic.

When you decide to get together with friends, do you prefer to eat in or out?

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