Fashion trend: bold pastels

by Lani Grass

Personal Image & Confidence Coach
Backstage with Lani

Color is blooming everywhere this spring. This season we’re seeing the return of the pastels, not just traditional pastels, but a more vibrant palette as well! These luscious sherbet colors are as cool as they look. You’ll see the burst of color in all clothing including jeans and jackets.

How to pull it off? If you want a more conservative look, pair with traditional colors and allow the pastel to be the statement piece. If you’re more bold, try color blocking by wearing a jacket, pants and top in three different pastels. The beauty is that they all mix and match! Remember to keep the lines simple.

Don’t forego the make-up. These luminescent colors can wash you out if you don’t wear enough color. Take this opportunity to play with the new eyeshadows and use them as accent colors. I like to wear my traditional daytime look of soft brown eyeshadow and accent with a mint or lavender color just on the lower lids to brighten my eyes. For lips, go with a glossy rose or pink tone to tie it all together. The bonus is that you’ll look instantly more refreshed and updated!

Pastels for Men

This year, untraditional colors break through the classic boundaries of the shades men normally wear. The trick to pulling this off is to wear with classic pants and shorts on the lower half. Pastels look great with khakis as well as jeans and slacks. Accessorize with a bold watch and go sockless with slip-on shoes and you’ll exude confidence and look like you know what you’re doing!

It’s not your imagination, studies show that wearing color can make you look better as well as feel better. When you’re ready to lighten things up, try something new; It’ll put a smile on your face!

The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

~ Lani

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