Writing Contest: Nominate a Local Hero

Writing Contest: Nominate a local hero!
(Previously written/published articles accepted)

Oregon Women’s Report is seeking short essays nominating a local Oregon woman for being a hero or role model. If chosen, she will win $100 and be recognized as “Oregon woman of the Year”. Others will be featured as “Woman of the Month”. This is the perfect chance for you to nominate someone who made a difference in your life or for someone’s act of kindness/community service for whom recognition is long overdue.  Your essay could  inspire others and imagine the smile on her face  if your nominee wins.

Word Count: Under 450 words (suggested).

Deadline: June 21st.

Requirements: Nominations can be submitted from writers of any age, gender or residency but the woman nominated must be a living Oregon resident.

Submit Articles: Two ways (1) inside an email and also (2) attached as either Word, TXT or Rich Text Format. Email to [email protected] with subject line “Hero Writing Contest”.

Remember: The woman you are nominating can have achieved great things or just a small act of kindness.  We aim to recognize women of all sorts.   Here is an example.

Please fill & email the application below.

1.  Name:
2.  Mailing Address:
3.  City:
4.  State:
5.  Zip Code:
6.  Contact phone number:
7.  Are you an author? (if yes, please provide a web link):
8.  Do you have a blog? (If yes, please list):
9.  How did you discover the contest?
10.  Are you a member of any local writing group?
11. Photo: — If possible, please provide a photo in your email of the heroine nominated.

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