Garage sale yields hidden family photo that stuns family

From The Daily, “Addison Logan was browsing yard sales with his grandmother in Wichita, Kan., last week when an old Polaroid camera caught his eye. He bought it for $1 because he thought it was cool.  The surprise came later that day, when he opened the device and discovered a photo of his deceased uncle inside.“I took the cartridge out and the photo was produced already,” he said.Addison went downstairs to show his grandmother what he had found, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I thought he found it somewhere in the house,” Lois Logan said. “He had no idea that that was his uncle…”

“…Lois Logan recognized the other person in the photo, as well: It was her son’s old girlfriend, Susan Ely. She figures the picture was taken during Scott Logan’s senior year of high school or freshman year in college, 10 years before a car accident took his life. Meanwhile, no one knows where the camera came from, who took the photo, or why it remained stuck in the camera for decades.”

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