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The Short Years

If you’re an internet-savvy mom, then perhaps you are way ahead of me and discovered Cute Girls Hairstyles long ago. Me, I think I saw a link or a Facebook post from a friend or something a long time ago, looked at the site and decided most of these amazing braids and fantastic buns looked way beyond my capabilities, or my girls’ patience for hair-fixing, and filed it away in the back of my mind.

But guess what? It’s summertime.

That means two things: one, we don’t have to make it to school before the bell rings and thus our mornings can be a little more laid-back; and two, the kids get bored, fast.

This morning, because of thing number one and as a way to fend off thing number two, I let the girls browse around Cute Girls Hairstyles while I showered, and told them that when I was done I would *attempt* to do any hairstyle they could find on the site.

And guess what? Not only did the little video tutorials make it quite easy, I discovered that the styles–Evie’s in particular–took very little time at all. The whole process of browsing and choosing and watching the videos took time, but now that I know what I’m doing, I feel like I could re-create any of today’s styles on my girls even on a school morning.

Thus I think I’m going to have to make this a hairstyle-browsing thing recurring event this summer, so we can head back to school in the fall with a whole new repertoire of fun hairstyles. Because I always wish I were that mom who has girls with amazing hairdos, but instead we mostly just do simple things like barrettes and pigtails. Most often, all three of them request it “free” and we just brush and go. Which is fine most of the time, but sometimes I just want to fulfill my inner super-mom urges and do something fancy and adorable with their hair.

So, thanks Cute Girls Hairstyles, for helping me get all Martha Stewart on my kids’ hair. (And, as you’ll see if you scroll down, even on my own as well).

(Oh, and by the way, please excuse the horrible lighting in these photos. They’re from my cell phone, because my regular camera’s battery was dead, and they just didn’t turn out very well).

Here is the style Evie chose: Triple Twistback Ponytail.

This one is definitely going in the school-day repertoire! It was super-easy to do, but it looks more complicated than it is, and has stayed in really well. It also worked just fine for Evie’s length of hair, which is just past her chin. Many of the styles on the site really would work best on long hair, but this one will work for anyone who has enough hair for a ponytail.

Here is Beth’s. Because she is, all of the sudden, growing up a lot, and she does not want to look little-girly anymore, she picked one that she thought was cool, and “like a punk rocker.” She cracks me up. Here is the Bun Faux-Hawk!

Once again, this really was not too hard. I wasn’t sure how it would work, since she recently got her hair in a short bob–it is above her chin. But although you can see she has some locks of hair that wouldn’t go all the way back into the buns, behind her ears and on the back of her neck, the rest worked quite well. I think it looks hilarious, and she loves it. It has stayed in place super-well too, and only took a few minutes to do. Although she was complaining a few minutes ago that it is hard to lay down and read with it in, and she’s currently laying up on her bed reading, so who knows how it will survive after being smashed into her pillow for an hour or so.

And here is Lucy’s–so typical that she would choose the prettiest and girliest one of all–the Ponytail Bow.

If you click through to the website, you’ll see that the girl in the video has this on a side ponytail, but Lucy’s hair wasn’t long enough to reach all the way around to the side and still have enough hair to do the bow. Hers is right at her shoulders, currently, though she wants to grow it out longer. So we did the bow in the back. This was the hardest one to do, (though still not terribly difficult) and as the mom in the video warns, the ponytail bow is fairly delicate. It’s pretty much fallen out since we did it this morning. But it looked pretty cute for about five hours, and she was thrilled with it.

Oh, and my daughters thought I needed a new ‘do too, since there is a “mom hairstyles” section of the website. My hair is short and I usually do the same thing with it every day. Sometimes I wear a hat, or put a headband or barrette in. That’s it! But I did find a little style I could do with my short hair: the Single Twistback.


I actually like the way this turned out, and could see myself doing this again (especially on those days when my bangs are not behaving.) Normally I hide my big forehead behind bangs, but this turned out okay if you ignore the creepy vampire-esque paleness of my face in this picture. My 7-year-old photographer was having trouble standing still enough to get a non-blurry shot, and I suggested she use the flash, since that helps with blur…and this is what we ended up with. Focus on the cute twisty hair *above* the shining pale forehead.
So, if anyone else out there is also a mom of girls looking for hair inspiration, I highly recommend this site. And if you’re a mom of boys, then maybe you just read this in fascination and wondered about what might have been, and pondered ideas for your own hair. And if you’re a man, and you don’t have any daughters, then this post was probably completely worthless to you and I suggest you check back another day for something more applicable to everyone in all walks of life, regardless of their hair (or lack thereof).

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