The fitness club fingerprint machine dilemma

The fitness club fingerprint machine dilemma
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

I just renewed my membership at the local fitness club. Time for me to get in shape by Christmas and start over again after New Years. The fitness club now checks people in with a fingerprint machine that reads your prints. You type in your phone number and then press your finger on the square and it checks you in without ever having to go through a real person at the counter.

I just couldn’t do it.    They are calling this the biometeric ID dilemma.

The thought of giving my fingerprint to be stored in some business seems creepy and odd. I haven’t committed any crimes – honest! Is this the wave of the future? Will I have to finger stamp my prints on business across town to buy groceries, take the train or watch a movie?

Luckily, the fitness club lets me opt out. Instead I get the slower method of showing my driver‘s license to the clerk the old fashioned way.   It takes longer but gives me peace of mind in a time where more of our private lives are being broadcasted and social-media’ed around the globe.

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