Cats are morning people too!

The joys of a Three Cat run
by Olivia Rossi

Your Personal Trainer

One of my favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the dawn’s early light of summer. This morning it was 5 o’clock as the first rays of day reached through the window and tapped me on the shoulder. So did my cat. The sun was up and so was she. I was born a morning person and have long known that cats are morning people, too.

I let her out, laced up my running shoes and took off on one of my favorite routes through town and along a path that parallels the railroad track next to Lakewood Bay. I love to spend some quiet time with the world before it wakes up, to hear the sounds of morning, to watch the day open its eyes, and to let my mind wander, with me—or not.

There are three things that make me stop: red lights, trains and cats. There was only one red light along the way this morning. A distant train sounded its approach but I knew I’d be home long before it clattered into town. It was the cats that stopped me. Three of them today–a three cat run I like to call it. Okay, I love cats and I can’t help myself. I always stop for them. My husband calls me a cat magnet. The first cat was a Siamese. The second, a tabby with white socks, both apparently were waiting for me. How did they know? The third was busy stalking something small, unseen and undercover. He looked up, ignored me. I moved on.

Sunshine through windows, trains in the distance, mourning doves cooing, the cat on doorstep waiting, the coffee, the paper and the day unfolding—the joys of a summer morning.

Enjoy yours, too.

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