The cure for insomnia & hot flashes in your freezer!

By Lin Willett
Gladstone, Oregon
That’s what adults do

How can this common item in your freezer cure insomnia, constipation, and maybe even weight gain? Sounds like a cheap scam ad doesn’t it?

After two years of trying to stay asleep through hot flashes with sleep aides, hormones, and fans, I finally tried wrapping a hand towel around a large flat container of frozen Blue Ice.

I place it on my chest the minute I start feeling hot. Immediately the flash is quelled and I feel my body coming back into equilibrium. My extremities stay under the covers now which allows me to get back to sleep. When I awake later, I am able to go back to sleep by simply repositioning the ice pack instead of drifting off only to wake up again and again due to more flashes.

But, what about the other issues; insomnia, constipation, and even weight gain? Turns out the lack of sleep causes a lot of imbalance in our bodies. Fix the sleep and other problems start fixing themselves. I am more alert, ache less, and have fewer food cravings.

I can hardly believe something so simple could be so effective with NO side effects. So far I have had three full nights of sleep using the ice pack. Give it a try if you have been suffering from night sweats or flashes, no side effects except your husband may complain about your “frigidness.”

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