Scam: 2 free tickets to fake airlines?

By Guest Opinion,

I just got in the mail a very official looking document that was formatted exactly like an IRS form.  On the outside it reads “Official documents enclosed” and “FINAL NOTICE”.  On the inside is a boarding pass!!!   The boarding pass is  from US Airlines and has a “Check In” time and “Departing” time as well.  The plane could be leaving any minute.  A toll free number (1-866-931-4175) was given to redeem the lovely board pass.

A US Airlines logo is featured.   It caught my attention at first because I flew US Airways just last year.  it turns out that this is “US Airlines” and not “U.S. Airways”   See the difference?    Clever scammers they are!

Apparently I cannot find US Airlines anywhere.  It seems not to exist.   Online, articles about US Airlines on the internet speak about a travel scam or hoax if you will.  People complain that it is a scam to buy travel packages.

Here is more of the scam:

Here are some online comments/complaints people had about it…

— “I opened it and found that it was an award notification for two round trip tickets anywhere in the US. Sounded to good to be true as they say but I called and I was told that if my wife and I attended a 60 minute greet and meet to consider using a travel agent, we would get the tickets with no strings attached.”

— “Here is what I went it is a vacation club called dvi and evidently a bit of a pyramid scam…join for $7 to 10K and you get discounts [no air discounts] to various travel packages resorts etc. they are under investigation in NJ and DE and keep changing their names.”

If you get free plan tickets in the mail or see this toll free number (1-866-931-4175) you better watch out.  It may be a scam!

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