Bagel-heads: Worst trend of the year

Bagel-heads: Worst trend of the year 
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

Here is a horrific trend being used by girls just across our Pacific in Japan. They are called “bagel heads” for the cosmetic look of having a huge skin bubble ring on your forehead.  Bagel Heads get the effect by injecting saline into their foreheads which create a bubble.  By pressing the bubble you create a bagel-like ring.

It only lasts one day!

The small Japanese fad was chronicled by National Geographic on their recent Taboo program.  I know people will react by saying it is dangerous.  I feel, however, that the real concern is outright stupidity and desperation to alter your body for false attention.  What better example do you need?    Forget those anti-smoking lectures and pull out this bagel-head story as the ultimate example of selling yourself for people’s approval.

More can be read here.

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