It’s hard letting new friends in

Terri Patrick
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At a baby shower a few years ago. My youngest daughter observing me, being me…

I met a new friend this week. I’ve been resistant to the “new friend” type of relationship because I’m blessed with nurturing family members who “get” me and I adore them for who they are.

There’s a sense of comfort and safety in only being around those who know my life story. We can all look at me “drinking” a goblet of gumballs at an alcohol-free event and chuckle at the layers upon layers beneath that flash of fun.

I’m not sure when this picture was taken – 2008? – but someone in my family knows the date and that’s what matters. It was a fun moment for me during what I hope to soon be referring to as – my turbulent decade.

Juanita at theonenesschanellings posted:

This week is very much about changing elements and shifting energies with Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn changing signs, and Jupiter stationing retrograde – all this occurring just within the first week of October!  These energies are about the deep serious inner work that will reveal all that is ripe for change and due for an overhaul – the real hard work of restructuring, recreating and actively participating in change!

Yes, I get it. My turbulence decade is winding down and a stellar transformation is in process. Thanks. Wonderful. Can I please curl up in the corner by the fire with a good book – now?

We’ve got apocalyptic calendars, and another election.  I’ve lived long enough and “get” that I really like when  someone cares that I am in my nice home and I have a a good night’s sleep.

Each dawn begins a new adventure. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the inalienable rights of being an American. Well, that’s a journey for many still… But, until then, it’s nice, during these turbulent times, when someone gives a damn that I am at home and happy – curled up by the fire with a good book. Trish MacGregor’s “Ghost Key” an Paty Jager’ s “Mayan Moon” are only two of the books sitting on my table that I want to read.

BUT – I’m ready for the next adventure. For that, and the decades of my life I have yet to live, new friends are awesome. They inspire me, they delight me, and I love telling my old friends and family about the new friends I’ve met.

I am  really selective about new friends.

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