Love your man!

by Elisha Joyce

Fully Mulched

If you are like our family, you are in the throws of Fall.

Of late nights, of dirty laundry and last minute dinners, of duties, and exhaustion and of cares of the world.

Can I challenge you to do something to today?


Love him.

Text him and tell him he’s on your mind.

Write him a love letter and put in the mail for him to get at work.

Take him lunch, or a piece of his favorite cake.

Think of five ways you can build him up this week.

Tell him he’s good at something.

Remind him of one of your favorite memories together.

Find a picture from your first date, or a trip you took, or the night you got engaged and you thought you would pass out from the joy that filled your chest… and frame it, and tell him how much you love him.

When the kids go down tonight, shut off the tv, lock the door, and have really, really good sex – and YOU be the initiator. (Yes, SEX. I said it. We are married and we GET to. So, I say it again: lock your door, grab your man, and enjoy each other.)

Let’s be honest: it’s too easy to let the distractions of the world and the duties of mommy-hood detract from the most foundational relationship we have: our marriages. While we spend time seeking wisdom on being better moms – reading books, and blogs, and tips on parenting – it’s easy to forget we have a man, too. A man that is human, and sensitive, and longing for the same love and affection and desire that we are.

Our men need touch. They need to hear they are wonderful. They need to know they matter, and that we value them, and that we need them. NEED THEM.

Maybe you find yourself in a place where it’s been too long since you’ve loved each other – where you’re just existing, parenting, and playing roommates.

All the more reason to reach out… and keep reaching out… offering your efforts to God and trusting He will see you through.

The truth is this: a better marriage is really up to YOU. YOU are in charge of you – and when the Word speaks, it’s speaking to YOU. YOU are told to do all for the glory of God. Y.O.U.

So, I hope today finds you with a soft heart and a yearning for your man. A yearning for his closeness, for his smile, for his friendship, for his partnership.

Remember: God can fall the thickest walls and part the deepest seas. But, before the miracle happens He requires us to listen and walk as He instructs.

Today He says: LOVE.

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