Raising smart kids in a world full of stupid…

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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{Let me preface this post with the fact that I have just had one of the most completely stupid, and irritating nights in a LOOOONG time…I apologize, and may regret in the morning what I am about to write 😉 }

I have played some form of softball for around 15 years.  It started in little league as a peanut, moved into high school, still as a peanut ;), and moved into my adult years, and has reached a point where my body barely keeps up with my still overly competitive drive.  Tonight, we played a team that lets just say was excited to talk about the “jello shots” they were taking (really, jello shots…Im sorry, I thought we were playing rec softball as adults!) and started to celebrate the number of cars they were able to hit because of “home runs” while using illegal bats….(I’m sorry, I thought we were playing rec softball here!)  So nice of them to take into consideration that several cars were damaged, a group of people were almost hit, and not to mention our players that could have been hurt by balls moving 1000 miles faster than they should!

I then drive home into the city that I love that I now have to merge into one lane to enter because 4 stupid people politicians in our city government decided that it was more important to cater two miles of road to the 2 bicyclists that use it and inconvenience the thousands of cars that drive through it every day.

Did I mention the stupid driver guy that I followed down my road today that was looking down at his phone the entire way and just about took out a mailbox, drove into the oncoming lane and sat waaaayyy to long at a green light as I sat behind him laying on my horn  patiently waiting?  So glad that today was not the day that myself and my two kids were riding our bikes that we frequently do!!

And what about our politicians….(you don’t think I’m stupid enough to go there do you???) :)…how about the people in reality shows?????

How about selfish people that drink and drive…people that smoke in their cars with their kids…families that sit around dinner tables and everyone including the 4 year old have their phones out and they never look up to actually talk to each other.

I think my rant is almost over….you see, I am just a little more than over people that only think of themselves!!!  Here is the good part though (your not going to need a drink after this I promise!)…

I am working hard to raise my kids to be… 
  (your probably shocked by that one after what I just said hu??)
     and the good part you ask???  
     Well all of the stupidity around us  gives us all plenty of opportunity to teach our children of what NOT to be!

I will be honest and take a moment to admit to being able to use myself as an example of what NOT to do…like yesterday, when my daughter called me out for calling another driver a stupid idiot!  Maybe not the best wording, but hey, he cut us off on the freeway with this dangerous bolting across traffic, lane swerving move!  (should have put him on my list above!)

My entire point is, I can run around a raging lunatic mad at the world, or I can look around and in my sweet mama way (not the one running at the mouth right now)  TEACH MY KIDS.  I pray my kids will be in this world but not of it.  I hope they will live in a world becoming more and more obsessed with “self” and they would be ones  to live for others.  And that I would constantly grow into to be the person I would be happy if they became.

What do you try hard to teach your kids?????  What is feels extra important to you that they should know???  Share in the comments would ya???

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