Relax moms…and stop listening to the experts

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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I once read a book that said to


The words still irk me when I think about them to this day!  You see, my first didn’t sleep well, so I dove into every book on sleep, read every “experts” advice and tried it all. I was a new mom and figured that someone else maybe knew better than I did!  Well luckily, I did not take that advice and my daughter who is now 7, sleeps like a charm!  If I would have listened to that nim whit  expert, I would have missed so many moments that did more to shape me as a mom and her as my little girl…I would have missed so many  snuggles that now I would give up a lot to have back even for just one moment!  Oh, to hold my little 5 lb, 3 oz peanut on my chest.  To smell her yummy baby smell (not the poopy diaper one), to feel her soft skin, oh man….I’d give almost anything!   I carried her until she got so big that I just couldn’t hold her, and guess what?  Her 7 year only legs work just fine!  Spoil those babies you mamas of little ones!!!!

Mommies have a lot of pressure on us.

We think that if we make one mistake we are damaging our children for their entire existence…our job it to LOVE them and give them just enough crazy to have something to talk to their psychiatrists about someday!  We don’t have to be perfect, and we don’t have to do everything “by the book”.   I sound like an old mommy now, but I’m telling you IT GOES FAST!!!  My kids luckily still love to snuggle (probably in part to letting them fall asleep on me) ;)…but their big ole’ bodies don’t melt into mine anymore…nothing I did “wrong” as a new mom messed them up, at least not that I know of yet 😉

So don’t let the “experts” tell you how to be a mom ;)…let your knower do it.

And um, relax just a bit…

your probably not messing up! (that bad) …GENA

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